Gerry Byrne

1 april 2021
Gerry Byrne

A ‘crippled trust’ in a ‘crooked heart’
Transforming the parent’s view of the child, the therapist, the community through the establishment of epistemic trust in the Lighthouse Mentalization-Based Treatment Programme. 

LH MBT-P Abstract
The talk will present out work with challenging parents who arrive with deep epistemic mistrust of our services but who provide us also with a unique opportunity: if epistemic trust can be established, it will transform the parent’s view not only of the child, but also of therapies on offer and of the potential of help elsewhere in the community.  

The LH MBT-Parenting Programme (Byrne, 2016), is a manualized model of MBT developed specifically for parents with a history of childhood adversity that has resulted in considerable mentalizing deficits and failures that threaten the healthy development of their children and risks intergenerational transmission of attachment difficulties. The programme has been written to the strict guidelines provided within the Quality Manual for MBT to ensure treatment integrityIn addition to using MBT treatment interventions (group, individual and adapted MBT-Parenting techniques), images and metaphors of the lighthouse, sea, sea journeys and the shore etc., help parents grasp hold of key mentalizing, attachment and psychoanalytic concepts.